Our main site: THE baguazhang resource site Site of the Month: Gao style baguazhang resource site - excellent articles
WUDANG BAGUAZHANG WUDANG QUAN YUAN (WUDANG KUNGFU CENTER) that is centered on the YIN FU,  CHENG TINGHUA and FU ZHENSONG's KUNGFU Italian and English version Very Interesting site!  The word MartriX is an unification of Martial Arts and Matrix. MartriX is a physical and psychic awareness training concept, rooted in the ancient Combat Science of Wuyiquan (Intuitive Boxing) and the Taoist philosophy of Wuji (the Supreme Void), combined with contemporary management training.
Three Treasures Internal Arts Offering instruction in the traditional Chinese Martial Arts of Xingyi, Bagua, Lanshou, and Northern Shaolin to develop proper body alignment, strength, coordination, flexibility, mental clarity, alertness and calmness. Formerly known as North Oakland Tang Shou Tao Our goal as a publishing company is to make previously un-translated martial arts documents available in English so that the growing number of students in martial arts can increase their specific knowledge of their art, as well as understand a cultural perspective in which to approach the vast amount of thought that these arts were inspired by. We teach Traditional Chinese Internal Martial Arts & Qi Gong. Montreal Canada THE CENTER IS AN OFFICIAL BRANCH OF THE WU TANG MARTIAL ARTS SYSTEM, ASSOCIATED WITH THE WU TANG KUNG FU DEVELOPMENT CENTER OF TAIWAN FOUNDED BY THE LATE GRANDMASTER LIU YUN-CHIAO. The Brothers of Wudang is an African American web site devoted to the Internal Martial Arts of Pa Kua Chang and Hsing-I. Novell G. Bell a.k.a. The Black Taoist is the Sifu of the organization and the promoter of Internal Martial Arts in the African American community. Pretty cool site
Welcome to Daoqiquan! Learn about Jiulong! Our History & Methods of Baguazhang į Click to buy Books & DVDs! Buy Books & DVDs! Attend a workshop! Join a class near you! ...Dr. John Painter
Yin yang and tai chi chuan. Por Jorge Altimiras. Bienvenido. Estas en la pagina de enlaces o links del site Yin, yang and tai chi chuan. Billed as "Web's Largest Alternative Health and Spiritual Directory" Listing of Tai Chi Shools many who also teach BaGuaZhang.
STI-Chin Woo-WARRIOR-Kung Fu-Hong Kong School teaching Bagua Taijiquan in Hong Kong
Beijing BaguaZhang Slick site with nice flash animation
Korean PaKua site Sorry I don't have more information on this site. It looks great but I don't read Korean. Any help would be apprecitated. Korean Language site. An online book about the authors personal experiences with a forgotten art.
Tom - Chinese Culture club Not specifically Ba Gua but an outstanding site about Chinese culture, you must check this out!
Wu Tang Physical Culture Association Wu Tang Physical Culture Association
Frank Allen
7 1/2 Second Ave., 3rd FL
New York, NY 10003
Vermont Kung Fu Academy 167 Pearl Street
Essex Junction, Vermont 05452
Phone: (802) 878-7888
Instructor: Arthur Makaris
Style: Yin Style Bagua
Classes: 6:30pm Wednesday and Friday
Practise Yin Style Bagua in the lineage of Dr. Xie Peiqi from Beijing, China. Founded by Master Rogelio M Giordano, the Pa-Kua International School has become an institution in many parts of the world.
Imperial Palace Ba gua Quan Gong Ting BaQua Quan. Fantastic Site Design.
Chinatown Sounds Not specifically Ba Gua Zhang but noteworthy:
Classical Chinese Music resource Chinatown Sounds.
It features Chinese feng shui, qi gong, tai chi, gong fu, five elements healing, psychosomatic healing, sleep enhancement and prenatal learning musics. Each engineered scientifically to accomplish its function.
BaGuaZhangWorld - Site Moved 05/01 old site was:
S.Y.L. Wushu, Taiji, Qigong Institute TaJi & Ba Gua Zhang training school in Vancouver BC
Lee Family Inernal Arts Abergavenny & Cardiff UK school
Beijing Tai Chi and Kung Fu Academy Offering instruction in traditional Tai Chi, Northern Shaolin, Ba Gua Zhang, Contemporary Wushu, Xing Yi, Shuai-Jiao, Sanshou, and more....Santa Monica location
Wuwei Foundation Yin Fu Ba Gua Zhang
the wushu centre Club in Montreal Canada organized by Andrea Falk.
Wutan Baji Quan Bagua Zhang Association The official homepage of Wutan Baji Quan Bagua Zhang Association. Chinese & English, Check out the articles section
Chinese Health Institute- Kingston, PA Taoism, T'ai-Chi, Chi-Kung, TCM le site officiel du Comitˇ Fran¨ais de Boxe Chinoise. French Language Chinese Boxing portal
BaGua Zhang by CS Tang Chinese & English - Ba Gua Quan Le portail des arts martiaux French Martial Art Portal
ALMA Bookstore Links to BaGua Books @
Famous masters of baguazhang Excellent Pictures and quick Bios of Famous Ba Gua Zhang Masters.
Fu Style Internal Martial Arts Fu style unique among the internal martial arts. Whether the students focus is on health or self defense, the study of Fu Style martial arts (Tai Ji Quan, Liang Yi Quan, Si Xiang Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, plus other fist and weapon sets) B. K. Frantzis, Founder -Our primary mission is to bring Taoism's ancient wisdom into today's world
Skychord Foundation Movement / Martial / Energy Art Frank Allen
YMCA of Memphis and the Mid-South YMCA at Schilling Farms. Teaching Traditional Kung Fu, Wing Chun, & Ba Gua Zhang Ba Gua site in Chinese. (your browser must be set to read Chinese Characters)
Shabazz Martial Arts Academy Atlanta & Chicago schools
Eight Palm Changes - Wudang Research Association Wudand Tai Chi, Ba Gua & Form will boxing. Nicely laid out.
Chinese Martial Arts from An index of links related to traditional Chinese martial arts.
Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute - Pa Kua Page A Site devoted to the Neijia Arts of Hsing I (XingYi), Pa Kua (BaGua) and Tai Chi (TaiJi).
Internetowy Magazyn "Swiat Nei Jia" Neijia school in Poland
Chinese Health Institute - Ba Gua page Kingston,Pennsylvania
Ma”tre Su Dong Chen Fondateur de l'ˇcole Essence of Chang, Pa Kua & Tai CHi in France: (Site in Francais)
Sierra Nevada Internal Arts - Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 2 - Willem de Thouars Spinal Energy Pa Kua (Tornado Boxing)
Official page for Shaolin-Do. Schools affiliated with Grandmaster Sin Thˇ. Pa Kua is taught in their seminars, check out the events section. Winter Seminar December 16, 2000 - Grandmaster Sin Thˇ will continue teaching Snake Pa Kua...
Scuola Di Kung Fu F¸ng Hu‡ng Italian School - Site in Italian
Arte Marziale Cino Vietnamita.
Stili Vietnamiti: O MEI PAI VO BINH DINH
Famous Ba Gua Masters In depth historical article
Xinyi baguazhang Master Xu lecturing on Qigong and Wushu at University of Calgary Qigong, Health Preservation, Wushu Baguazhang Workshop
Baguazhang italian Ba Gua Zhang La palma degli otto trigrammi Gli otto trigrammi, che apparvero per la prima volta nel libro dei mutamenti "I CHING", sono ognuno compost
NWTTCA Home Page Northwest T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Home Page, Pa-Kua Ch'i Kung (Ba Gua Qigong) (Emmei Ch'i Kung)
European Uechi Karate Federation Evropske Uechi Karate Federacije.
Zhang Bingxin Liu He Men Federation Zhang Bingxin Liu He Men Federation Amsterdam Site
Siberian Association of Traditional Martial Arts - Ba Gua resource area Martial Art resource site with a great WuShu historical area.
Fongs Kung Fu School Fu Style Ba Gua in Germany
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming's web site YMAA Home Page
American Yin Fu Bagua Association A rather intriguing blend of Gong Baozhai's philosophical and martial teachings. Very cool flash enabled site with excellent Xing Yi Quan & Ba Gua info by David DeVere
Chinese Martial Arts Forum Excellent forum on the Chinese (internal) martial Arts.
China Hand Kung Fu Academy - Pa Kua page China Hand Kung Fu Academy is dedicated to providing quality training in the authentic traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Brick, NJ
Excellent overview of Ba Gua Site has excellent overview of many Chinese Martial arts
Martial Arts Link Page Excellent general MA links page
ChiFlow Gerald A. Sharp School in Glendale, CA. Internal arts-Chi Kung, T'ai Chi, Hsing-I, Pa Kua, and Nei Jia Kung Fu
Three Dragon's Way School School of Chinese Boxing, Kansas City, MO USA
Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association Yin Cheng Gong Fa Association Oregon Branch. HeBei style Xing Yi Quan Cheng & Liu style Ba Gua Zhang, Wu style Taiji Quan
Swiss Wutan Swiss Branch of Wutan, featuring: Tai-chi, Hsing-I, Baji, Bagua, Mizhong, Northern and Southern Shaolin, Qui Gong, Weapons and a lot more
Cheng Ming school of Argentina This site has as purpose to diffuse the internal martial arts Taichi chuan, Pakua chang, Xingyi chuan, Qigong and the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Site in Spanish & English
World Teoul Moon Kung Fu Association Teoul Moon Kung Fu is a combination of Shaolin Five Animal, Hung Gar, Pa Kua, Preying Mantis, and Chen Tai Chi. Also taught are Chi Kung and accupressure healing techniques. Schools in: Ocean Springs MS, Cranberry PA Kyoung Ki-Do Korea, Tokyo Japan,
Three Dragons Way Three Dragons Way school opf Chinese Boxing was formed for the preservation, research, and practice of internal martial arts.
Six Harmonies Press Publisher of Internal Martial Arts Internal Martial Arts is a bi-monthly B&W newsletter magazine dedicated to objective and factually informative articles pertaining to the traditional Neijia arts of Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Aikido, and related arts.
The Martial Arts Connection The first page that lists various Wushu (Kung-Fu) related webpages by classifying them in the different existing styles.
The International Institute of Xingyi Baguazhang School in Calgary, Alta., Canada An introduction to Pa Kua Chang. Excellent site on 'getting started' with your Ba Gua journey - JiFeng Martial Art Club JiFeng Martial Art Club was founded in 1979, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Mr. James XiaoPo Guo, a disciple of the late Grandmaster Liu YunQiao.
Academy of Chi Advancement - NSW Australia Yin Yang BaGua Zhang: Touch Strike, Grab and Throw!
Internal Wushu Arts - Xin Qi Shen Dojo Aikido, Qi Gong, Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang instruction; Seattle, WA
Baguazhang: Internal Boxing For in depth information on Baguazhang
Teachers of Hsing-I, Pa-Kua & Tai-Chi Neijia Teacher's Directory
Hsing-I Chuan / XingYiQuan
Pa-Kua Chang / BaGuaZhang
Tai-Chi Chuan / TaiJiQuan
China's Living Treasures It is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional martial arts of China.
Hsing-I Brasil Portugese site
Academia Sino-Brasileira de Kung Fu Homepage da Academia Sino-Brasileira de Kung Fu e da Associa¨‹o Palma de Buda de Cultura Chinesa. Portugese site Han Wei's Wushu! Issue #2; See Training Rules of Ba Gua Zhang. Then backspace to and check out the rest of the site.
National Qigong (Chi Kung) Association * USA Organization promoting Qigong for beginners, practitioners, teachers, and healers of all classical and contemporary schools and traditions.
Douglas Knight's Tai Chi A site and training center dedicated to the spread and development of the internal martial arts.
INBI center INBI center is the network of clubs, specializing on researching, study and and reconstruction of knowledge reflected in cultures and traditions.For Ba Gua info see the page on Taoist Branches. Multi-Lingual site
China, an Inner Realm Not about Ba Gua specifically but an excellent site on China and its culture
Pa kua by Paul Zabwodski Baguazhang (Pa Kua Chang)
by Paul Zabwodski
Excellent informational page on Ba Gua, some nice Vivo internal arts Video.
The Martial Informational page on Ba Gua
The Way of the Dragon School The Way of the Dragon School is dedicated to promoting health, healing, and traditional martial arts values.
The Floating MarKet Links to many Chinese Martial arts sites,Neijia(Chinese internal arts=Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing-i) and others Official Home Web Page Sites for: American Chen Style Tai Chi Association & Chinese Boxing Institute International
Articles on Chinese Boxing as well as Chinese Boxing Products including Chinese Boxing Books and Videotapes. Articles on Chen Tai Chi. Some info on their B Gua classes
Core Curriculum Chinese Boxing, also called energy boxing, focuses on developing the ability to: Generate energy within yourself Project energy Read and re-direct another's energy Thus, Chinese Boxing relies on internal energy as opposed to external energy or...
Ray's Internal Martial Arts Page Chinese Internal Martial Arts The Internal Martial Arts Bagua Baguazhang Distinguishing Characteristics Bagua History Dong Haichan Eight Diagram Palm Eight Palm Changes Grandmaster Gong Bao Tien Grandmaster Li Ziming Grand Master Liu Yun Qia Pa Kua.
Internal Styles This page of the Virtual Library: Martial Arts provides links to sites describing the Internal (soft) Kung Fu styles. Included in this category are Hsing-i, Pa-Kua, and Tai-Chi Kung Fu.
Al Bender's Kung Fu Academy of New Jersey Curriculum includes Shao Lin Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan, Hsing Yi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, weaponry, and self-defense.
The Capital District Taiji and Kung Fu Association School in Albany, New York. Sifu Jiang Jianye, teaching taiji, traditional wushu, qigong, and contemporary wushu for over 30 years.
Siberian Association of traditional Martial arts - what is ba gua? Very nice resource site with lists and detailed description of many major and lesser known Martial arts.
Internal Inc. Mike Sigman's, Webpage focused on practical aspects of martial arts practice related to Peng power;
Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Page - This page is dedicated to Chinese martial arts that are commonly known as Neijia - Internal Family.
Center of Taoist Studies School with Branches in Shanghai, Boston & Moscow. See their interesting article on the Taoist view of the 'Purpose of Martial Arts'.
Association for Traditional Studies A not for profit organization dedicated to the preservation, documentation and dissemination of traditional arts and knowledge around the world.
Martial or meditative? An article on cultivating Internal energy on the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) site, TCM
Internal Strength Definitions An Article on NeiGong on Peter Lim's Taijiquan Resource Page
White Star School Pa Kua Chang The White Star School, situated in the green mountains of Vermont, is a school designed to provide a learning environment that is nurturing, challenging and expansive.
Shrfu Glenn Gurman OMD
White Star School
Po Box 1307
Norwich VT 05055
(802)-649 1616
Web site of the Ba Gua Zhang Research society (Ireland) The site is designed to follow the pattern of the 8 Trigram symbols
Adam Hsu Kung Fu Home page Information & instruction in the Northern kung fu styles, weapons, usage and qigong, taught by Sifu Adam Hsu.
Adam Hus's book Author of "The Sword Polisher's Record" one of the best books ever written on traditional Chinese Martial Arts
Pa Kua Chuan The Eight Diagram Palm Internal Chinese Martial Art Pa Kua Chang. Lee's White Leopard Home Page
The Hampton Roads chapter of Pa-Kua Chang Kung Fu The Hampton Roads chapter of Pa-Kua Chang Kung Fu trains at Ultimate Arts. Practitioners of this internal chinese martial art study applications and forms. Heated discussions about internal arts.
Limited Infinity Research Center Search their extensive library of articles and excerpts from books and magazines.
About their site:
Our goal is to provide access to quality resources of information in the fields of healing and martial arts.
Eureka Videos Excellent MA Videos
bagua info site
Bending Willow Excellent traditional Chinese Martial Arts School
Smiling Tiger Martial Arts Excellent traditional information
pa Master Park Bok Nam's VERY informative site.
Yin Cheng Gong Fa Yin Cheng Gong Fa ,Tai Chi Chuan of Wang Pei Sheng and Zhang Yun Tai Chi school based in Pittsburgh, PA. Also offering Xingyi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Qi gong, and other Chinese martial arts.
Jiulong Bagua Zhang Home Page Nine Dragon Baguazhang - An Ancient Art for Modern Times. A Complete Health and Martial Arts System!
Bagua well as scientific research on Bagua Zhang as a healing art.
Shop for Asian Culture - Pa Kua Videos Excellent Pa Kua tapes:
Martial Arts Resource site Jay Swan's resource page. Minimal Ba Gua info. Online video clips @ Hsing-i practitioner with excellent information on Ba Gua
Plumflower Publications Excellent informative articles Books & Video Largest Kung-Fu E-zine on the web!
Erle Montaigue's Taiji World BaGwa Page Article & Videos Free listing of martial arts, many styles